The solutions broadly include the following modules

HR Manager
  • General Administration
  • Syllabi i.e. Academic Curricular Management
  • Students ManagementExaminations Management
  • Examinations Management
  • Library Module
  • Employee Register
  • Attendance & Leave System
  • Payroll
  • Productivity Management
  • Content Management System (CMS) based Website
  • Intranet Portal with Group, Blog, Discussion Forum etc. to engage Students and Teaching Community
  • Extranet Portal with Group, Blog, Discussion Forum etc. to engage Parents and Alumni
  • Common Facilities Reservation
  • Officials’ Appointments Management



  • Organizational Planning allows to plan and track workforce strength and budgets.
  • Competence and skill management with salary benchmarking, allow for more accurate org planning.
  • Allows you to have an accurate organizational skills assessment by treating skills as core employee record, modifiable in the events of hiring, appraisal and training.
  • Provides for complete Performance Management.
  • Appraisals workflow built into the base system and add-ons available for Training Management, e-Learning, 360 Degree Feedback.
  • Hiring management allow to keep track of open jobs, applicants and candidate pipeline while seamlessly managing recruitment operations.
  • Payroll completely automated to keep manual interventions to a minimum.
  • Payroll takes into account attendance, LOPs, Taxation, Salary Changes, Allowances, Rewards, Deductions.
  • Complete repository of Employee Data.
  • Add any number of sub-records for work experience, qualifications, references, documents etc.
  • Streamlines all Workforce Operations by automating workflows between HR, Admin, Ops, Finance and Employees.
  • Provides for employee self service, including automated pay-slips online, grievance & redress etc.
  • Comes with a social employee engagement portal that supports virtual teaming, employee interactions and informal knowledge management.
  • Supports multiple locations, multiple shifts and working calendars.
  • Integration with Biometric inputs for automated attendance recording.
  • Allows to configure different access levels for employees by designation.
  • Extensive reports available out of the box to provide decision support to HR and Executives.
  • Built on a highly customizable and scalable solution framework. Allows for quick customizations to meet unique workforce management requirements.
  • Deployment quick-start that allows you to start using the software within a matter of days.
  • Based on current and industry standard technology stack.

Planning Reports

    • Pay Parities Assessment – Benchmarks v/s actual
    • Skill & Competencies Levels
    • Training Effectiveness, correlate completed trainings with skills appraisal

Operations Reports

      • Organizational Structure
      • New Hire Chart (Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
      • Attrition Report (Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
      • Male-Female Ratio
      • Benefits & Compensation


Collaboration IntranetGroups, Surveys, Polls, User Walls, Blogs, Events
Supports Virtual Teams, Informal Knowledge Management, Employee Engagement
Recruitment And On-Boarding ManagementOn-Boarding, Master Data Recording, Workflow through HR/IT/Admin/Finance to enable new employeeBasic
Employee Data ManagementOrg Structure, Departments, Designations, Levels, Shifts, Support for multilocation Holiday Calendars, People Search, Employee Record MaintenanceBasic
Time & Attendance ManagementAttendance Recording (manual/biometric), Leave application and approval workflowBasic
Productivity and Time SheetsTime Recording against tasks, process unit and client. Time Sheet approval workflowBasic
Exit ManagementResignation process flowBasic
ReportingSeveral reports out of the box. Custom reports can be provided in case of needBasic
Payroll ManagementSalary, Payroll Calculation, Payroll Rules, Tax Declaration and CalculationEnterprise
Performance ManagementOn the desk monitoring of employee time, feedback to timesheets, login management, idle hours captureEnterprise
AppraisalsGoal based, task based, skill based appraisals. Appraisal cycle initiation
Appraised, Appraiser and Reviewer workflows. Appraisal history
360 Degree AppraisalAn appraisal includes top management, immediate superior, peers, subordinates, self and customers .one gets feedback from everyoneEnterprise:
HiringResume Management. Job Applications on Web. Recruitment workflow
Master record creation on hiring completion
Workforce Mobile(Android)Location tracking through the shift, sign in and out of shift remotely, leave application , approvalsEnterprise

Typical Implementation Cycle

Enterprise Ownership Options

Hosted & Managed by Baryons
Accessible via internet
Data resides on 3rd Party cloud
Technical Support included