iRetail Suite in a nutshell

What is iRetail Suite?

iRetail Suite is an efficient tool for the automation of a few key procedures of retail chains. The retail chains could be Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBO) or Multi Brand Outlets (MBO) having various channels of retail. The arrangement can be utilized by little or expansive configuration retailers with comparative advantages. The components are

  • Marketing Module
  • Footfall Counting and Analysis
  • Workforce Management
  • mProduct Catalog
  • e-Commerce Platform
  • Targeted Ads, Custom Development
  • Store Location Tracker

iRetail Suite – Marketing Module

What is iRetail Suite – Marketing Module?

It’s a store – central office collaboration platform enabling retail chains to work in a cohesive manner.

iRetail Suite – marketing module enables the following:

  • Daily sales monitoring
  • Stores Audit
  • Campaign Management for new launches and promotions
  • Dissemination of product information, man power training on sale of new products
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Payment management and tracking
  • Alerts and news pushes to stores

Marketing Module In a nutshell

HO-Store Connect Portal

  • Connecting with your partner at registered stores is just a tap away in iRetail HO-Store Connect Portal
  • HO-Store Connect Portal is an interface between concentric marketing – operations – QA teams and the store managers. The marketing teams will be able to convey timely updates about the products, newsletters, time-constrained offers, alerts, notifications and promotions which ensures timely implementation
  • In Parallel, the stores can revert with feedback and any other queries on operation that they face. Communication that would be of outmost importance for the Marketing, Operations, QA teams in terms of evidence upload, geo tracking, compliance record and rewards management
  • A training module can be added on to HO-Store Connect Portal that lets you centrally broadcast training and course material to all the stores including latest techniques about pitching your product in an appropriate way. This covers instructional videos, case studies, quizzes, and certification-specific material

Compliance Audit (CA)

  • Compliance Audit creates a seamless workflow for the auditors to directly communicate with partner stores and exclusive outlets; monitor their performance and decide ratings accordingly
  • CA offers a central control over all the stores while launching an audit for either a few or to all stores in a geographic location
  • Store auditing is a critical task for achieving business objectives, financial reporting and making amendments to the store licensing policies. While fraud cases have taken a toll, you may not want to risk your brand’s positive perception
  • CA as a web application and mobile app lets you run audits regularly while involving the staff. This helps curb costs to an external agency and establishes communication channel at both ends. Subsequently, regular exchange and corrective measures on grievances can elevate the overall quality assurance process

CA – How it works?


Sales Target & Daily Sales Monitor

  • Helps manage the partner sales
  • Enables central office to have a control on complete sales management from setting up a target through rolling out the pay-outs
  • In real quick time – sharing periodical targets to partners and gaining acknowledgements in online platform whereas it takes lot of time in manual process
  • Partners will pursue the targets with on the fly update on daily sales as invoice formats
  • Live tracking and insights published as Targets vs Actuals to both Partners and central offices

Sales Target & Daily Sales – How it works?


Partner/Stores Pay-outs Monitor

Enables tracking of sales by partners in the case of MBOs or franchises in case of EBOs and make appropriate pay-outs.

Campaign Monitor

  • Campaign Monitor helps corporate monitor their retail marketing campaigns along with their retail partners
  • With Campaign Monitor, accelerate your marketing strategy driven by highly responsive campaigns!
  • In-store campaign handling was a task left untouched for long resulting in improper communication between the marketing team and the exclusive outlets, retail stores, and other store formats
  • Campaign Monitor is a responsive tool that lets you connect with your teams deployed at different levels in the field. Available as a web tool and as an app for the handheld mobile device, it works by bridging the dynamic disparities and narrowing the areas of concern

Campaign Monitor – How it works ?


Contract Management

  • Contract Management enables legal managers to set expectations with required templates for partner stores and exclusive outlets about contract management in a digital platform
  • Contract Management offers a central control over all the stores’ contracts and set with a real time notification triggers to partners and legal counter-parts to create, renew or amend
  • Contract Management acts as repository of confidential documents and ease out the process and turn around time of sharing documentation across involved parties with a workflow
  • Tracking of critical dates to action – This high time huddle in manual process eliminated by Contract Management
  • Contract Management shares real-time update on policy changes, amendments and consecutive actions

Contract Management – How it works ?



Provides the real-time monitoring of several stores related processes, such as:

  • Compliance
  • Sales
  • Payment settlement to partners
  • Campaign status
  • Product release updates
  • Target and achievement status



iRetail Marketing Solution – Value Proposition

iRetail Marketing Solution as a business enabler for corporate enterprises and their partners to connect and ensure marketing channel operations through below components


iRetail Suite – Footfall Counting and Analysis

  • One of the key parameters in measuring your customers’ interest in shopping with you, is their footfall into your store and its frequency.
  • Retailers may conduct marketing campaigns and advertise their products. The first and the most important parameter which can show the success or failure of the marketing campaign is the “Footfall” into the stores.
  • Baryons’ Footfall and Analytics solution is based on a face recognition system that uses the video captured by cameras at the entrance to your store. The system does not require any specific behavior from the visitor to be recognized. Also, there is no tag based counting or other enablers involved. Hence our solution provides a reliable count of the people visiting your store. System can easily Identify duplicates and multiple visits.
  • Based on the collected Footfall Data, we have several analytical solutions to monitor customer visit related data, such as, duration of time-spent, frequency of visits, etc.

iRetail Suite – Workforce Management

Baryons’ Workforce Enterprise is a solution to managing your workforce efficiently. Be it a LFR with Multibrand retail outlets or Exclusive brand retail outlets, managing the workforce across multiple metros and multiple outlets in each metro can be a challenge. Baryons’ Workforce Enterprise lets you manage your workforce across all locations efficiently and effectively.

Several functions related to the workforce, such as, recruitment, training and development, time and attendance, activity to resource allocation, goal-setting and performance management, employee engagement, etc. can be easily managed using our solution.

Using Baryons’ Workforce Enterprise, retailers can realize several benefits, including:

  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Improved efficiency
  • Secure and accurate data with a single repository to store it
  • Automation of processes related to all the HR functions, with reminders and alerts
  • User friendly dashboard for executives to monitor and track functions
  • Periodic reporting with least human intervention

iRetail Suite – mProduct Catalog

Portable as an end-client gadget is out-developing the desktops.

An ever increasing number of individuals are utilizing their telephones for eShopping.

Baryons’ mProduct Catalog empowers your business to give your client, access to your items and evaluating. It empowers perusing through your items in the diverse classifications effectively with less snaps. Where conceivable and required, your item can be given a 360 degree view. Additionally item shades can be effectively shown.


iRetail Suite – e-Commerce Platform

On-line retail is in vogue today. Customers trust they approach more items and can do a money saving advantage investigation rapidly to choose. Likewise, customers accept online shops have preferred arrangements over physical stores. Retailers can profit monstrously by their on-line nearness and increment their deal. Baryons’ online business Platform gives exhaustive functionalities to a retailer to go online and acknowledge quickened returns. Web nearness won’t just build clients and consequently income yet in addition enhance the marking.

Being a stellar provider of custom e-commerce developments across platforms, Baryons can take you on-line in a shorter time and provide the state-of-the-art experience to your customers.


iRetail Suite – Targeted Ads, Custom Development

Baryons Targeted Ads platform can be used by retailers in several ways to increase customer awareness and hence footfall.

Some of the scenarios where it has been used in the past are:

  • Ad-push to customers when they visit the store for “New Arrivals”
  • Ad-push to customers when new discounts/offer are announced
  • Ad-push to customers when new stocks have arrived in categories that he/she had registered their interest

Retailers can increase their customer awareness of the products and promotions in an efficient way using our Targeted Ads platform.


iRetail Suite – Store Location Tracker

Baryons store location tracker is used by retailers’ staff when they visit different stores. The person visiting the store, can take a photograph of the store once inside the store and upload it to the portal. The photograph, with the GPS location of the store, is uploaded by our mobile app.

Some of the scenarios where it has been used in the past are:

  • Ad-push to customers when they visit the store for “New Arrivals”
  • Ad-push to customers when new discounts/offer are announced
  • Ad-push to customers when new stocks have arrived in categories that he/she had registered their interest

Retailers can increase their customer awareness of the products and promotions in an efficient way using our Targeted Ads platform.


Lenovo Context

1. As we understand that the Lenovo’s distribution structure has following channels

  • Lenovo Exclusive Stores
  • Multi Brand Stores
  • Regional Distributors
  • Large Format Retail

2. Of late, Lenovo has been classifying the players / partners spread in these channels, into Tier 1, Tier 2 and other categories

3. Lenovo is working to focus more on these T1 partners, to better enable them

4. Lenovo has 950 exclusive stores and about 3000 other format stores across Pan India. 85% business is booked through traditional brick mortar distribution channels.